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With the Indian advertising entertainment, event & Fashion industry changing and running full stem and opening its doors to global markets & talents, the need to gear up to face stiff competition has never been more felt than now, more so for the creative community which include Graphic designer, Dancers, Singers, Photographers, etc..

Being In a Vibrant Advertising, Films (Bollywood), T.V, Entertainment and fashion capital city of Mumbai, Global Talent house is the first place you look for your promotional needs and we are confident it will be the last to end your search.

We at Global talent house understand your needs, your foresight and….you. Thus we take you ahead confirming your presence in style with our sweat our toil. Firming your grip on every industry, securing a spot in every event, here we are, not just to give and take, but to participate.


We understand that it is very difficult for the established or the emerging creative professionals to show case there talents on the web, live through portfolios, show reels, or video clips of creative individuals or groups displaying their talents or to do live performance for promotions individuals. The basic infrastructure cost for making portfolios, video clips, show reels and more importantly the marketing would be too time consuming and not economically viable for each individuals or group.

However we cover you all in our own special way.

Hence Global Talent House.com an online portal dedicated to the creative community was established with the sole aim of providing the creative professionals a platform to show case there talents to the national and international community and helping individuals and groups open their doors to global markets.

With a the perfect team of advisor, trainers, skill developers, Photographers, Web & graphic Designers, Marketers, Coordinators, promotions and PR Managers we are your one stop shop for all your promotional needs. This we do by providing creative innovative and cost effective marketing strategies and solutions in the most convincing and professionals ways.

All promotional need services are provided at a very nominal cost. Our training and skill development ensures that you are better than the best.

So go global - Share the same platform as the leaders in the creative world.

Now…….Isn’t it the simplest way, to put a plus factor into your own creative outlook……!

The Team Behind The Scenes